Argentine Women are Scary

Female Expat 1:  Argentina women are scary.

Female Expat 2: Yeah, I know, they are, aren’t they?

Argentinean:  Why? Why would you say that?

Female Expat 1: I don’t know, maybe it’s the counterpart of the machismo.

Female Expat 2: Could be, yes…

Argentinean: Sorry, I beg to differ. You guys are in the tango scene, that’s why I  think you see all the macho stuff. But we do, ahem, have a female president, as did Chile by the way,  so I think that the whole latinamerican macho stuff is overrated.

Female Expat 2: But we are saying that the women are strong, and yes, sort of scary.

Argentinean: I still don’t get it.

Female Expat 2: I think it’s how they talk to the men. They are so demanding, they always seem to get their way.

Female Expat 1: Yeah, they are loud and sort of bossy.

Argentinean:  Does that make them different from American or English women?

Female Expats 1 & 2:  Yes!


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