Henry & Marta – if it ain´t broken…

Harry:   You are looking splendid today! What’s so different about you?

Marta:   Hard question to answer, Harry, I am a month older since we last met, I guess. But maybe it´s the tan. I have been getting some sun.

Harry:   Ah, I see, that could be it!  But should you be out in the sun? Isn’t it dangerous these days?

Marta:   Honestly, I am more afraid of getting hit by a car. Don’t tell me you believe all that stuff about staying out of the sun.  Believe me, a couple of years from now, doctors are going to be advising people to lie in the sun for all the good vitamin D. Moving on now, haven’t got all day. What’s the phrase of the day?

Harry: This is a tough one, you are going to like it,  it is really more of an American expression: “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it”.

Marta: I can see your nose getting all wrinkled up when you say “ain’t”.

Harry: I do hate that word.

Marta: You know I have often asked myself what would be the best translation for that. But we don’t say “lo que no está roto no se arregla”. And just the other day I read a perfect equivalent: “equipo que gana no se toca”.

Harry: Why am I not surprised that football, once again, has found a way into your castellano?


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