Henry & Marta – A dog day

Marta:   Hello again, Henry. Why are you so red in the face? Have you been drinking?

Henry:  Marta, please,  it’s 10:00 am! I took your advice and I sat out in the park for a while this morning while I waited for you. As you can see my skin is very fair.

Marta:  Ay, Henry. ¿A quién se le ocurre? You should know better. You should have put on some sunscreen.

Henry: But, Marta, why would I have sunscreen if I am never out in the sun?

Marta: ….

Henry: I do like the summer in Buenos Aires. So many people on vacation, it’s so much easier to get around.

Marta:   Lord, I wish I were on vacation, I’ve been working like a dog. What have you got for me today?

Henry: Very well then, today, dogs it is. First phrase is “his bark is worse than his bite”.

Marta: “Perro que ladra no muerde”.

Henry: Very easy. The next one is “let sleeping dogs lie”.

Marta: Dejá dormir al ro-pe.

Henry: Excuse me, I didn’t catch that.

Marta:  No, seriously, let’s see: “no eches leña al fuego”.

Henry: Check!  You’ll like the last one: “dog does not eat dog”

Marta: Ah, I think it is used more in the expression “dog eat dog”, such as in “this is a dog eat dog world”.

Henry: Yes, but how would you translate that?

Marta:  Qué mundo de mierda. La ley de la selva. People are out to get each other, Henry.  They are at each other’s throats. It’s so sad. Let’s have some orange drink to beat the heat and let’s get you away from the sun.


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