Henry and Marta – Accents

Henry:   Hello Marta, is it really you? It’s been so long!

Marta:   Oh, don’t overdo it Henry, it’s been a month. And you know that, as much as I hate clichés, time flies.

Henry:   I missed you (blushes into a tomato red hue).

Marta:  (ignores the blushing) I really needed some time off and I figured I could use those mini-vacations spread throughout March; it’s nice to see you on a day off.

Henry:   I’ve had some trouble keeping up with the holidays lately.

Marta:    You are not alone, today is just a sandwich day.

Henry:   You look different. I think it’s your hair…

Marta:    Yes, I’ve had my hair curled.

Henry:   How would you say that in Spanish?

Marta:   Me hice los rulos.

Henry:   Mey izzei lous rulous?

Marta:   Very good, Henry. You need to work on your accent, though.

Henry:   I try, I really do but I’m afraid I’ve never had a very good ear. Certainly, not like you.

Marta:   Having a good ear is definitely a gift, I thank my lucky stars every day. They say a musical ear helps but it is more than that. I think it is some weird empathy that allows you to connect with the way people talk and then mimick it.

Henry:   Yes, some actors and actresses have that skill. Meryl Streep has it. Some actors definitely lack that ability. I remember I once saw Richard Gere playing a British doctor and, poor fellow, as much as he strived his British accent could only make you laugh.

Marta:   Yes, another actress who is very good with accents is Renée Zellweger. And so far, the only foreign actor who can do a decent porteñan accent in my opinion is Gael García Bernal.

Henry:   The Mexican actor? But their Spanish is quite different, isn’t it?

Marta:   Yes, very different, that’s why I thought he deserves even more credit. But today I wanted to share with you a rare jewel I found, Henry. She is a twenty five year old actress and she can do 21 English accents to perfection.

Henry:   That’s impossible!

Marta:  Listen to this and tell me if she is not amazing, I can’t even tell where she’s from! Her name is Amy Walker and on this video she does 21 accents.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ana
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 16:35:33

    Wow! Que bien le salen los acentos la chica del video!


  2. María Matheu
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 23:32:08

    Un verdadero camaleón. Casi extraterrestre, me da la impresión de que se va a arrancar una máscara de la cabeza al final, revelando un ser de otro planeta.


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