Angry neighbors

angry neighbors lost sunglassesYou complain about your neighbors, I do too. The man with the barking dog every time he steps out in the hallway, no matter what time it is. The wacky neighbor who gives me lessons on how I should be painting my door. The other bizarre woman who is always terrifying us with problems and the people who just don’t cooperate or pitch in.

I was happy to know my misery is in good company after seeing some real notes from charming tenants who live in the proximity of other human beingsangry neighbors loud drummer wifi.

But some are good Samaritans: you might have lost the sunglasses your neighbor’s found, good thing he’s willing to give them back. This might be a fun vecino to have.

Ever find it hard to come up with a name for your router? Not the guy annoyed by drums.

Speaking of routers, I had an open one until someone convinced me otherwise, I’d be losing speed.

If you check out the last note you will see that not all neighbors who steal your wi-fi are inconsiderate.

angry neighbors free wifi