Here’s a tip: you may want to check the spelling BEFORE you get the tattoo

You may or may not like tattoos but they have become mainstream in the last couple of decades. Not just sailors or gang members have them, you see them on models, secretaries and even politicians. But there is one aspect of this practice that is a pretty good rule of thumb: you may just want to check the spelling of words IN YOUR OWN F/%6# LANGUAGE if you are going to get a phrase branded in indelible ink on your only mortal coil.

Seriously, folks. I am not talking about checking the spelling on a cute Japanese symbol tattoo (oh yeah, they tell you it means “peace” but you don’t have a clue, do you? Which of your friends would know anyhow?).

Take this tattoo above: Life may be very beautiful, lady, but your tattoo sure is not.

Speaking of “your” , it should not be mistaken for “you’re”. But we all know there are no body spell checks. Not that they would use one anyway.

Regret is more easily applied to the things we don’t do in life. Well, not if you got this tatoo. The guy might regret “nohing” but I’ll go out on a limb and bet he did regret this tattoo.

That seems to be indelible ink that probably hurt a fair deal to get needled into the forearm. Did it hurt, dude? Nohing at all.

This young man wants nobody to “juge” him except God. But it is fairly safe to say that a lot of other people are jugding him. They judge he oughta hit them books. Does he trust his own judgement?

The proud sporters of these tattoos probably love ’em. Don’t care. Think they look really “ah-some”. I wish I could say that I think this one was on purpose.








A real tragedy. Using henna is a good alternative, they wash off in a couple of days. Once in Miami, being the cautious person that I am, I walked into a tattoo parlor and asked if they did impermanent tattoos. The man sneered and said – true story- “the only impermanent thing here is pain”.

I wouldn’t be too sure. Just ask the people who got these tattoos.